Well here we are, the last month of a wonderful, but seriously busy year. I would say that as our year has been so full on and hectic that we’ll be taking this month to slow down and recuperate a bit, but frankly that would be a fib.

Much like last month, December is shaping up to be a month of work and play, so it’s not all bad. Plus it’s nearly CHRISTMAS!!! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably know that I’ve been posting Christmassy photos for a month (ahem… two?) now, so I’m fit to burst with excitement already. Let’s just hope I can keep it all fizzing until the big day hey?

Here’s what we’ll be up to this month:

-       Rearranging our living room to make space for our Christmas tree.

-       Braving the cold to find the perfect tree for us. I normally change my mind at least ten times, so we could be gone a while…

-       Decorating our tree, dressed in Christmas jumpers with Christmas music blaring in the background.

-       Enjoying writing the blog series on Christmas traditions. I’ve had some awesome responses. (Do feel free to get in touch if you have anything to add!)

-       Taking part in Anna’s lovely Share Advent for the second year.

-       Revising for my QTS skills tests that I’m taking on the 4th – yet another hurdle to get through for my PGCE applications.

-       Trying to organise a Christmas brunch for some of B’s new work colleagues. I’m yet to meet any of them, so we thought we would spread a little Christmas cheer while making some new friends.

-       Staring impatiently at the letterbox as I wait for news of any uni interviews (please, please don’t keep me waiting until the new year!)

-       Cooking Sunday lunch for some of B’s family. I love gathering people around our huge dining table for food and a good catch up.

-       Meeting two of my lovely bridesmaids in Birmingham for another afternoon tea here. It’s a little Christmas treat to ourselves.

-       Welcoming B’s grandparents for the weekend. With their birthdays close to Christmas, they often get overlooked, so this year we’re going to do something special.

-       Going for a family afternoon tea (spot a theme here?). It’s Victorian Christmas themed, and we can’t wait to get all festive.

-       Curling up with the books that Rosie kindly sent me as part of the second hand book swap she organised over on her blog. I can’t wait to share what she chose for me soon!

-       Waking up for our first Christmas with our darling baby girl. If that isn’t the best present I could wish for then I don’t know what is.

-       Firmly crossing our fingers that B is allowed to be on call for Christmas day rather than having to go into work. Otherwise we’ll have to tuck into our Christmas lunch at 11.30 and me and O will be having the afternoon to ourselves.

-       Spending the 27th with my best bud while B is at work. We’ll be having a PJ day watching festive films, eating quality street and snuggling with O.

-       Having a late celebration with my parents who are coming to stay on the 28th. We’ll be able to enjoy lots of post-Christmas walks and spread out the present opening.

-       Enjoying a low key New Year’s Eve and reflecting on what an amazing year 2013 has been for us.


Have a wonderful start to this magical month you lovely lot,


Hollie x


  1. This sounds like an amazing December! We have lots of plans to see friends and family, but I think I need to schedule in at least on pyjama and Xmas movie day with my sis or a friend. Hope you have a lovely Xmas run up! X

    • Hollie@TulipsandTea says:

      As far as I’m concerned a PJ day and Christmas films is a compulsory part of the festive season! If there’s a tin of quality street and some mulled wine to hand too then that’s even better… December was made to be full of friends and family don’t you think?x

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